Bilingual Learning Materials

My World~My Words

A picture word book in full colour, designed for Indian children to learn English and the regional language. This book is relevant for students in regional medium and English medium schools. Serves as a resource book for parents and teachers.

Each bilingual edition of "My World~ My Words” features about 1000 words in English and an Indian language, e.g. English-Hindi, English-Assamese, English-Urdu, etc. This vocabulary is based on the world of Indian children and has been arranged thematically - play, food, time, etc. Other important words are featured in alphabetical order.

Colourful pictures reflect the rich diversity of India and depict positive gender roles.

Developed through the CLRs' extensive experience in teaching English as a second language to rural and urban children, and with the involvement of experts in each of the Indian languages

Presently available in :

  • English-Marathi
  • English-Hindi
  • English-Oriya
  • English-Kannada
  • English-Malayalam
  • English-Gujarati
  • English-Punjabi
  • English-Tamil
  • English-Telugu
  • English-Assamese
  • English-Bengali
  • English-Urdu


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'Let's Read / Chala Vachuya' Graded Reading Series


A set of 10 child-friendly bilingual booklets. The English texts are graded for beginners. The Marathi texts in booklets 1 to 6 of this series are graded according to the 'barakhadi' sequence, and the vocabulary throughout the series contains no conjunct letters.

Available in English-Marathi

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Bilingual Story Books


A story that reveals why the cock crows every morning before sunrise. Illustrated in full colour.

Available in English-Marathi, English-Hindi and English-Urdu


The Lion And The Mouse
A traditional tale about the brave mouse who rescues an angry but helpless lion.

Available in English-Marathi, English-Hindi and English-Urdu


Chintu's Cap
A Maharashtrian folk tale that recounts how a mouse is afraid of nobody - not even the king.

Available in English-Marathi, English-Hindi, English-Kannada and English-Urdu


The Princess Who Never Smiled
Who will make the princess smile? Children find out through this traditional story. Illustrated in full colour.

Available in English-Marathi, English-Hindi and English-Urdu


The Little Flute Player
The adventures of Ramesh, a talented little flute player, as he travels on a magic mat.

Available in English-Marathi, English-Hindi, English-Kannada and English-Urdu


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Other Reading Materials

The ‘Gudbud Series’ focuses on basic human values that are relevant to the lives of young children.


The Gudbuds Get Out of a Mess
A story that reveals why the cock crows every morning before sunrise. Illustrated in full colour.


Mama Gudbud Takes a Break
Children appreciate the needs and desires of a mother as an individual, and the give-and-take that makes for happiness within a family.


At the Park in Gudbudland
Children appreciate individual differences amongst people and experience what it feels like to be left out and to be included. The story helps to inculcate a respect for diversity and reveals the true meaning of friendship.

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'Enhance Your English' – A Course for Improving English Skills of Teachers


The Instructor's Manual: This contains detailed instructions on how to transact each of the activities contained in the 20 units.

The Learner's Coursebook: It contains oral and written activities to practice the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that have been introduced.

The Reader-cum-Activity Book: This book contains both narrative and informative passages, as well as various other materials for enhancing the reading skills of adult learners. The reading component of the course is featured in a separate book.

The Audio CD: Every unit begins with a recorded audio lesson (a narration or a short conversation) and activities structured around it. The script of these lessons are also provided in the Instructor’s Manual.

These 4 components are supported by Evaluation Tools. There are 3 tests (after Units 6, 12 and 18) which assess what the learner has understood and absorbed in the preceding units. The 4th and final test gives an indication of the proficiency level in English reached by the learner at the end of the entire course.

A dictionary should be provided as an additional resource.

Course Content

"Enhance Your English" consists of 20 theme-based modules and a final proficiency test. An interactive, learner-centred and bilingual pedagogy has been adopted in order to make this course easy to comprehend and to be effective. It is planned to be offered as an intensive 21-day course (1 month duration, 5-6 days a week).

The themes chosen are such that they can be easily related to by the target learners, enabling these learners to contribute to the discussions (whether in L1 or English) that accompany most of the activities. The themes have also been chosen keeping in mind that the course aims at teaching functional English – that is, broadly context-specific language that the learners will actually hear and speak in the course of their daily lives.

"Enhance Your English" has been developed over a number of years of interaction with students and teachers in regional medium schools, as well as research and consultation with experts. This course is a part of the CLRs on-going effort to improve the teaching and learning of English in regional medium schools.

Although the course has been developed primarily for teachers, it has been structured in such a way that other adult learners, who also want to achieve greater proficiency in spoken English, can use it effectively.

'Yuva English' – A Functional English Course for Post-Secondary Youth

Instructor’s Manual: This contains detailed instructions on how to transact each of the activities contained in the 130 modules.

The Audio CD (CD 1) with scripts: This CD provides the listening and conversational component activities to be conducted with the instructor during the course. The scripts of the audio CD are provided in a separate booklet for the instructor's reference.

Picture and Word Cards: There are 3 sets of word cards and 3 sets of picture cards that lend themselves to a wide range of language games and practice activities suggested in the Instructor’s Manual.

Learner’s Practice CD (CD 2): This accompanies the Learner’s Book. It is designed to reinforce the basic spoken English structures and vocabulary taught in the course, and is to be used independently by each learner at home.

The Learner’s Book: This contains the modules for the learners - the oral and written activities related to listening, speaking and reading skills – and specific passages for reading.

The Sentence Maker: This is a teaching aid particularly useful in mastering basic English syntax and sentence structure.

Songs (CD 3): Learners can enjoy singing these songs during the course. They are easy to learn, and help to reinforce language structures.

The Supplementary Reader: This features short texts – fiction and non-fiction – to encourage learners to read at home, and to engage them in reading for meaning.




In addition to the above print and audio components, an Evaluation Pack has been provided. These are the final modules for the actual summative evaluation process, along with the required evaluation materials, including a CD for listening evaluation (CD 4).