Teaching-Learning Materials for Primary Level Literacy Development


  • Activity-based Language Learning Charts
  • Language Practice Work Cards
  • Language Game : ‘Khelta Khelta Bhasha Shikuya’
  • ‘Chala Vachuya’ Graded Reading Series in Marathi
  • ‘Aao Padhe’ Graded Reading Series in Hindi
  • Sentence Maker


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Teaching-Learning Materials In Primary Level Mathematics


An instructional package for Classes I and II available in English and Marathi. For teaching basic primary mathematics through concrete experiences.

Contains Teacher’s Guide, basic readymade teaching equipment, designs for making low cost teaching-learning materials, substantial sets of practice work cards, games and sample assessment tests. Designed for use in regular and multi-grade classes and supplementary education centres. Includes sturdy classroom storage pack.


Other Materials

  • Mathematics Practice Work Cards in English - Level 1-2
  • Mathematics Practice Work Cards in Marathi - Level 1-4
  • The Hundred Board
  • Activity Booklets : What’s The Time?, Name The Number, Let’s Match
  • Games for Fraction and Decimals
  • Mental Maths Game


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Training Materials : Print and Video

"Making the Most of Multigrade Teaching"

Available on DVD / VCD helps teachers in inservice training situations and trainee teachers in pre-service training to explore effective ways of handling multigrade classes and to take a fresh look at the planning process for multigrade teaching. Available in English & Marathi.

A Package of DVD/VCD Materials : "A Better School For Every Child"

Focuses on the building of new primary schools, the components cover issues from location and site planning, to exploring various design and low-cost technology options. Also provides concrete suggestions on improving indoor and outdoor rural school facilities, ranging from blackboards and storage to toilets and playgrounds.


"Planning and Designing New Rural Primary Schools and Classrooms"

Part of the above package. Video film that promotes understanding of the major planning and design issues among all those who may be concerned with, or directly involved in, the building of new primary schools and classroom. Available in English.


"Improving Rural Primary School Facilities"

Part of the above package. Video film that explores various issues in the provision and design of indoor and outdoor school facilities, and provides specific suggestions on how to improve them in existing rural primary schools. Available in English.


"Magic School Mat"

An animation video film. Pat of the above package. Communicates a powerful message about the responsibility of Village Education Committee (VEC) members and community groups to improve their local schools. Available in English, Marathi & Hindi.

The video CDs are presently available in English for decision makers at state and district level. The animation video film on CD is also available in Marathi and Hindi, as they have been used to promote village level discussions.

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