CLR Make-Your-Own Early Learning Kit

Contains a handbook and accompanying cut-out picture materials which you can turn into a kit of 50 to 60 low-cost games, puzzles and picture activities for 3 to 6 year olds.


Cut-out picture materials from which 50-60 items for the Early Learning Kit can be made

Folding storage bag-cum-pocket chart for handmade learning materials

Handbook for making and use of materials from the Early Learning Kit (50-60 items; 100 activities)

Cardboard, waste materials, etc. to be gathered / supplied at field level, for ECE workers to prepare the Early Learning Kit using the handbook and cut-out picture materials


Available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, Nepali, Bahasa-Indonesia.

To order the English edition, contact Orient Blackswan at For other languages (bulk orders only), contact us at

Other ECE Games and Activities

Readymade games, puzzles and activities for 3 to 6 year olds

Develop key concepts, reasoning abilities, early reading and mathematical skills. Available in English, Marathi and Hindi.

  • Outline Lotto
  • Think Of The Colour
  • What Did I Use ?
  • Activity booklets
  • Balloon Bonanza !
  • Musicians Of Bremen
  • Alphabet Match
  • Select A Picture
  • Rhyme Time
  • Let’s Make A Word
  • Begin To Count
  • Make A Snake
  • Count And Sort
  • Animal Train
  • Number-Numeral Match
  • Growing Mangoes
  • Shape Trail
  • Black Seeds, White Seeds
  • Treasure Hunt



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The ‘Story-Time’ Series

The CLR has developed books for story telling in Hindi and English. The several story books in this series expose young children to the creative use of language and develop reading readiness in the early years.

Some examples :


Where is the Waterfall?

A delightful story of Sandhya and Sandeep's family trip to the beautiful waterfall.


The Strange House in the Forest

The house that Gangu and Ganpat come across is both strange and inviting! An adventure-packed story adapted from the German folktale "Hansel and Gretel."


The Pot of Flour

A story from the Panchatantra, in which a pot of flour makes a poor man dream of riches and glory.


New titles will be added periodically:

  • The Sky is Falling
  • Why Mosquitoes Buzz?
  • Where is the Little Brown Monkey?
  • The Bicycle that Grows
  • The World’s Smartest Cat
  • A Man, a Boy and a Donkey
  • The Strange House in the Forest
  • The Robber and the Good Son


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