The Context

Research has established that the development of intelligence, personality and social behaviour occurs most rapidly in the earliest years of our lives. We now know that the brain responds most to very early stimulation, and the effects of deprivation during the earliest years often cannot be overcome later in life.

A finding particularly significant for poorer countries like ours is that nutritional supplements alone do not have as great an impact on malnourished children's growth, as when they are combined with psychosocial stimulation. Hence, there is a growing awareness that interventions for infant survival need to go hand in hand with programmes for young children's growth and psychosocial development. It is in this context that, since 1997, the CLR is delivering inputs for programmes catering to caregivers of children under 3 years of age.

Targeting Caregivers of Children in the Birth-3 Years Age Group

Education Package For Caregivers : ‘Right From The Start’

The CLR Education Package for caregivers is available in Marathi and Hindi.

This package provides a curriculum for caregiver education and effective communication materials for an illiterate or semi-literate audience.

For ordering information, and more details on the components of the package and its potential users, click here.

Training Programmes for Organisations Implementing Caregiver Education

Field-Based Training

To help organisations to implement a Caregiver Education programme and use this package effectively, we conduct training programmes for community-based field workers and health workers who serve as 'communicators' of messages within interventions for home-based child care.

Training of Master Trainers

We also conduct training of master trainers (TOTs) for the implementation of home-based interventions and Information-Education-Communication (IEC) activities within NGOs and government agencies.

CLR TOTs are conducted in English, Marathi and Hindi.

Training Materials for Child Care Interventions

DVD/VCD Series Entitled 'Care for Development'

Our training videos serve as aids for discussion in participatory training programmes for master trainers and field-workers. Also during caregivers’ meetings, if VCD players are available. Most videos are available in English, Marathi and Hindi. (For more details, including ordering information, click here.)

Current Projects and Activities

Technical Support to Chhattisgarh Government Agencies for Forthcoming Project in Caregiver Education for Home-based Holistic Child Care and Related Community-based Advocacy in Rajnandgaon Block. This project will start in 2012 with CLR providing technical support to the State Literacy Mission Authority, Dept. of Women and Child Development and Dept. of Health, Chhattisgarh.(Click here, for more details)


Folk Media For Community Awareness : Songs and Street Plays

As part of an effort to use folk media to convey important child care messages to semi-literate and illiterate caregivers, the CLR composed songs in Marathi and Hindi set to popular folk and film melodies. CDs of these songs are provided to organisations using our approach and materials.

Partner organisations have also been helped to develop and enact street plays on themes related to holistic child care.

Poster Exhibition

Our poster exhibitions on holistic child care are in various regional languages. Simple poetic text, relevant photographs and artworks explain to illiterate and semi-literate viewers the concept of holistic child development and how parents, families and the community can promote it. The posters also suggest plenty of ways in which adults can interact with babies and toddlers, and provide a stimulating environment for them.

A handy and attractive set of 44 easy-to-display colourfully illustrated posters; these can be used by field workers to convey important child care messages directly to rural and urban families.

Available in Marathi, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. (For more details, including ordering information, click here.)

Examples of Our Partners in ECCD Interventions

Government Agencies

  • Integrated Child Development Services, (ICDS), Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Integrated Child Development Services, (ICDS), Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

Indian NGOs

  • Aditi, Bihar
  • Arthik Samata Mandal, Andhra Pradesh
  • CASP, Delhi
  • CASP, Madhya Pradesh
  • CASP, Pune, Maharashtra
  • CYSD, Orissa
  • Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Gram Niyojan Kendra (GNK), Uttar Pradesh
  • Myrada, Karnataka
  • P.R.I.D.E.-India, Maharashtra
  • PREM, Orissa
  • SAMARTH, Delhi
  • Sadhana Society, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Samskar, Nizamabad dist, Andhra Pradesh
  • SBMA, Uttarakhand
  • Seva Mandir, Udaipur
  • Social Work And Research Centre (SWRC), Rajasthan
  • Swabhiman, Pune, Maharashtra
  • SWRC, Rajasthan
  • URMUL, Rajasthan


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Focus Areas of the CLR Curriculum for Caregivers of Children in the Birth-3 Years Age Group

  • Understanding holistic child development and role of the caregiver.
  • Prime messages in :
    • Reproductive health and child health
    • Child nutrition
    • Importance of psychosocial stimulation and how to promote it
    • Child safety and age-appropriate handling of children
  • Play materials
  • Gender equity in caregiving practices